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The Top 10 Things You Can Do with EMUE

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top 10 things to do with emue

Healthcare facilities face enormous amount of paperwork and administrative tasks that can often hinder time spent on patient care. According to a 2017 survey conducted by Deloitte, health systems should consider leveraging technology to enhance revenue, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. “The future health care work environment could look very different from today if organizations prioritize the adoption of disruptive technologies that help them achieve more for less.”

With software like Databound EMUE, we help hospitals spend less time and money on operations so they can serve patients better.

Here are 10 ways EMUE can help your healthcare facility save time, money and frustration:

1) Automate admin tasks. Overworked hospital staff often spend valuable hours completing manual tasks that could easily be solved by using tools like EMUE. By automating these cumbersome — yet necessary — responsibilities, information is kept current and accurate, without needlessly using a lot of employee time.

2) Reduce human calculation errors. Ensuring accurate and timely patient financial records is key to enhancing customer service. Healthcare facilities can minimize costly mistakes by reducing minor errors caused by illegible notes and manual record entry.

3) Improve system-to-system communication (interoperability). Technology like EMUE can minimize frustration by providing simple and fast interoperability. This helps hospitals save time by reducing the occurrence of errors across systems, and by freeing employees from tedious tasks.

4) Time-saving EMUE dashboard. St. Peter’s Health Partners found that by implementing the Dashboard, they were able to obtain new insight, control, and validation of processes by quickly monitoring scripts running across multiple machines. Adding Dashboard to monitor their four IT workstations streamlined the 48 scheduled scripts and 36 on-demand scripts they ran 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

5) Securely transfer data. We offer peace of mind with secure data transfer capability that is HIPAA compliant. Users feel more confident seamlessly communicating between systems in a stable environment that reduces time, cost, and risk.

6) Simplified Data Searches. Users can avoid the headaches of having to do manual searches with EMUE’s Regular Expressions (RegEx) technology, which allows personnel to quickly look up data and easily return the desired results.

7) EMUE SmartNames. Organizations that use Cerner’s Soarian significantly reduce the cost of maintaining scripts during upgrades by taking advantage of our SmartNames feature, a list of Soarian-specific UI elements that can be referenced in customers’ scripts.

8) Ensure accurate and timely information. Manual hospital billings, payment postings, and adjustments are incredibly time-consuming, and can delay collections due to high volume or limited personnel. With EMUE, revenue cycle management is more efficient, accurate and auditable.

9) Streamline claims processing. One hospital in Long Island, NY, John T. Mather Memorial Hospital saw the need to implement systems that would improve accuracy and avoid user fatigue. By using EMUE, they were able to save 6,000 hours annually by streamlining workflow processes.

10) Flexible scripting tool. Complex tasks handled by specialized IT personnel can take months to complete. Using our simple scripting tool allowed the team at Mather to perform in-house tasks at a faster rate and on their own schedule.

Hospitals can save time, boost efficiency, and increase revenue by investing in technology like Databound EMUE. Our customers have found that by automating workflow processes and minimizing human error, they can relieve overburdened personnel to focus on what matters: enhancing the patient experience.

Databound offers solutions to automate and streamline hospital revenue management tasks and business processes to give our customers more efficient operations and increased revenue. Visit our website to learn more.


Written by Mike Burhans, MBA, CRCR - Relationship Manager

Mike Burhans, MBA, CRCR - Relationship Manager

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