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Boosting Revenue Sources for Tribal Health Organizations

As IHS and Tribal Health Organizations continue to face number...

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Planning a Revenue Cycle Initiative? How to Set the Stage for Success

The revenue cycle initiative that turned into a long-term revenue generator...

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What Changing Payer Mix Means for Hospitals and Medical Facilities

An uptick in unemployment and Medicaid will cause a decrease in...

COVID-19 | Insurance Discovery | Medicaid Monitoring |

Why Struggling Hospitals Need Insurance Discovery for Financial Stability

How revenue cycle managers can overcome the challenges of changing eligibility...

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Solutions Supporting a Proactive Revenue Cycle

Increase revenue and operating margins through a proactive approach enhancing...

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Help Your Front-End Staff go from Managing to Preventing Denials

Insurance Denials plague healthcare practices so here are the common reasons...

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Why Insurance Verification isn't Enough

Most hospitals only using insurance verification as a front-end revenue cycle...

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2019: A Message from the President

2018 was a good year, but wait until you see what we do for you in 2019. ...

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Of Halloween and Missed Insurance Coverage

Insurance discovery is as simple as trick-or-treating. Porch light on, insured....

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3 Ways To Enhance Patient Care In American Indian And Alaskan Native Communities

November 17, 2017

BOOST | Insurance Discovery | Tribal Health |

How Norton Sound Health Corporation Found $2M in Revenue

October 4th, 2016 (Updated January 12th, 2021)