Denials Prevention- The Proactive Revenue Cycle

June 6, 2019

What is The Proactive Revenue Cycle? The proactive revenue cycle increases revenue and operating margins through an aggressive approach to identify...

Proactive denials prevention- creating a proactive revenue cycle

April 23, 2019

Denials in healthcare Denials is the equivalent of a four letter word in healthcare. As payer rules change and workloads increase, it becomes more...

Setting the stage for success

April 4, 2019

How preparation ensured the survival and success of a revenue cycle initiative

Why Insurance Verification isn’t Enough

February 10, 2019


Free Lunch Challenge with boost!

January 21, 2019

  As many of you know, we recently launched our boost™ insurance discovery and verification tool. Boost is a product that creates substantial...

Preparing for Success

January 10, 2019

We have friends with kids who are a couple years older than each of my kids. Developmentally and interest-wise, they are about one stage ahead of my...

What’s With All These Aussie Critters?

November 12, 2018

By: Mike Burhans and Rachel Bowles With a product name like EMUE and a product logo featuring a kangaroo, we are frequently asked, “What’s with all...

Of Halloween and Missed Insurance

November 1, 2018

By: Mike Burhans Halloween is an interesting time of the year, isn’t it? Personally, I could do without all the macabre. I more like watching the...