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Setting the stage for success

How preparation ensured the survival and success of a revenue cycle initiative

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Key Takeaways from the Hudson Valley Free to Member Event

      On February 28, 2019, The Hudson Valley Chapter of HFMA put on another...

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Why Insurance Verification isn’t Enough


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Free Lunch Challenge with boost!

  As many of you know, we recently launched our boost™ insurance discovery and...

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Preparing for Success

We have friends with kids who are a couple years older than each of my kids....

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A Message from the President and CEO - 2019

The start of a new year is always a great time to reflect on our progress, and...

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2019 New Year's Resolution

Ah, the infamous New Year’s resolution. Each year, we set out to accomplish...

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Thanksgiving: An interesting history and a chance to share our gratitude

When asked if he celebrates Thanksgiving, a member of the fabled nation that...

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What’s With All These Aussie Critters?

By: Mike Burhans and Rachel Bowles With a product name like EMUE and a product...

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Of Halloween and Missed Insurance

By: Mike Burhans Halloween is an interesting time of the year, isn’t it?...

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Soarian Financials Public Web Services are GA!

Cerner announced on 10/19/2018 that it has released Soarian Financials public...

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Learn All About Our New Dashboard Scheduler

Get ready and sign up for Databound’s next webinar! On Wednesday, August 15th...

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We Spent A Weekend at the HFMA Conference and This is What We Learned

A few weeks ago, in the middle of a heat wave our team at Databound Healthcare...

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3 Things the Best Hospitals Have in Common when it Comes to Managing Claims

Hospitals are always striving to be faster, more accurate, and accommodating to...

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Here’s Why Simplifying Your Claim Follow-Up Process Can Save You Time

Collecting payments from insurance companies can cost hospitals valuable time...

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3 Common Frustrations and 3 Solutions to the Claim Status Problem

Hospitals face a number of challenges negotiating and collecting revenue from...

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Dashboard Scheduling

For hospital IT staff, checking on and scheduling scripts running across...

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How to Get More Details Out of Stream

As an end user or analyst who regularly uses Soarian® Financials, you’ve likely...