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Soarian Financials Public Web Services are GA!

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Cerner announced on 10/19/2018 that it has released Soarian Financials public web services for 3rd party applications. Many tasks that EMUE is currently doing through the user interface can now be done via web services.

Depending on the type of workflow, EMUE can usually process 1 transaction every minute. More complex workflows can sometimes take up to 2 to 3 minutes. With web services, Cerner is offering transaction rates of 100 per minute. It’s easy to see why you would want to take advantage of them.

Another advantage is that with EMUE is that you can combine both technologies to improve your current workflows. Services are continuing to be developed, but the available services won’t address all your workflow needs. Use the services where available and use UI automation to fill in the gaps.

There is an implementation process that must be followed to get the web services. Please review the Implementation Considerations to begin the process. A minimum version of 4.2.200 SP2 for Soarian Financials is required as well as an EMUE web services connector.

To learn more about utilizing web services with EMUE, contact Mike Burhans at 607-257-5433 x157 or

Summary of Available Services:

Encounter Service – returns information about an encounter

  • getEncounterByIdentifier
  • getEncounterPolicies

Financial Transaction Service - process and request refunds for guarantor and receivable groups

  • refundRequest (process, remove)

Guarantor Billing Collection Service - process summaries, statements, holds and financial categories guarantor billing

  • collectionHold (add, remove, save)
  • userFinancialCategory (save, remove)

Insurance Service – returns details about a person’s policies such as plan, policy number, start date, end date, group name, etc.

  • getPersonPolicies

Insurance Billing Service - return claim information, request rebills and claim follow up letters

  • claimComments (get, add)
  • requestClaimForBillingPeriod
  • requestRebillClaim
  • getClaimDetails
  • createClaimFollowUpLetter

Insurance Collection Service - manage collection holds for responsible parties

  • collectionHold (get, add, remove)

Patient Management Activities Service - returns details of patient activity events
Person Service - returns active identifiers for a person
Receivables Management Service - perform a variety of actions on receivables

  • receivableGroupComment (add, get)
  • billingPeriodUserFinancialCategory (get, save, remove)
  • responsibleGroupUserFinancialCategory (get, save, remove)
  • changeReceivableStatus
  • transferReceivableBalance

Worklist Management Service - add, remove and return details from worklists

For a complete list and additional details visit Soarian Financials Web Services and Events.

Written by Mike Burhans, MBA, CRCR - Relationship Manager

Mike Burhans, MBA, CRCR - Relationship Manager

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