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Setting a high bar in RPA - KLAS Spotlight Report

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KLAS spotlight report

As Healthcare Organizations continue looking to robotic process automation (RPA) solutions to automate and execute billing and claims processing, KLAS® spotlights Databound as setting a high bar in RPA.

December 1st, 2020

RPA: New Technology Segment for Healthcare

Over the past few years, there has been a growing interest in the healthcare industry around leveraging technology like robotic process automation (RPA) to perform staff workflow tasks. Some of the benefits organizations can experience with RPA include innovative approaches to reducing expenses and staff burnout.

Although RPA has been around for more than 30 years, it feels a bit brand new for the healthcare community, so KLAS has recently added RPA as a new technology segment for providers to find accurate, honest, and impartial reviews on vendor solutions by fellow providers. 


Databound is Customer rated and KLAS reviewed

Soon KLAS will be revealing a full analysis report on RPA solutions for their new segment that includes our RPA solution, EMUE —making Databound officially customer rated and KLAS reviewed.

Because our clients see the value in EMUE and our customer service, Databound has received unmatched reviews in the software space measured by KLAS. As an early look at our customers' outcomes and satisfaction, KLAS has spotlighted Databound as setting a bar high in RPA.


"Databound is hands down the best vendor that I have worked with in terms of customer service. They respond to service requests within an hour of us putting in the requests. If we don’t hear back from them until the next day, we will get a long apology email from Databound. If our main point of contact can’t help us for whatever reason, they will go right to the development team. The leadership of the company gets on the phone with us during meetings. Databound is really great to work with.”

—BI manager, KLAS emerging technology spotlight for Databound.


Read the full report: Databound - Emerging Technology Spotlight 2020


Our clients' success is our success

At Databound, we help our clients use RPA to improve revenue cycle performance. Still, over 20 years of working together, client relationships have become more meaningful than that. It is a continued dedication to combining technology and excellent customer service that involves listening to clients, giving them a voice on how products are built, and always offering a helping hand. As a result, we not only deliver the most robust and reliable automation in healthcare, but we have earned our clients' trust.

Our success reflected on KLAS is because of our clients' willingness to review us, and for that, we say thank you for your kind words and, more importantly, thank you for your continued partnership.


Written by Jazlyn Redd

Jazlyn Redd

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