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Process automation allows revenue cycle staff to do more with less

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I’m often asked, “So, what does EMUE do.”

I always want to reply, “It’s easier to explain what EMUE doesn’t do.”

Perhaps you’re saying, “What is EMUE?”

EMUE is software that helps users automate business processes in their revenue cycle. Things like creating test patients, adding comments to files, posting payments, and beyond. What makes EMUE awesome is that while a lot of software is paint-by-numbers, EMUE is a blank canvas. What I mean is, a lot of software is designed to accomplish a specific set of outcomes. EMUE is designed to make it easy for users to reach whatever outcome they want. The magic of EMUE is that, in keeping with the canvas analogy, EMUE makes using the brushes and paints; or in this case, creating the scripts, easy for the everyday person.

We make a claim at Databound Healthcare Solutions that EMUE creates efficiency in the revenue cycle. There is no better way to justify that claim than to talk about how EMUE has benefitted its users.

I was recently talking to Tana Sells of Great Plains Health Alliance (GPHA), now one of the largest and oldest not-for-profit management systems in the U.S.

GPHA was spending a great deal of time and effort on Blue Cross Blue Shield and Medicaid eligibility checks. The process itself was fairly routine. Take the information you have and verify that the patient is eligible for Blue Cross Blue Shield or Medicaid as appropriate. While routine in nature, the act of doing all the checks required a significant investment in manual effort. After being trained by our very own Rachel Bowels (now a consultant with Databound) Tana could write EMUE scripts to fully automate the eligibility checks herself.

Time moves on and businesses naturally evolve. GPHA turned to Cerner’s CommunityWorks for their patient financial system needs. While there is a road-map in place, EMUE does not yet interface with CommunityWorks. After using EMUE for several years, Tana knew the solution would have benefits even if not directly related to their financial system. Today, GPHA uses EMUE to move files between servers, a task that is necessary but impossible to perform manually with their current staff. If not for EMUE running 400 scripts an hour, GPHA would have to hire at least one full-time employee to complete the process.

In an age of “do more with less,” automation is one of the most effective tools in the efficiency tool-box. EMUE automated nearly 1,000,000 hours of work in 2017 for users of MS4, Invision, and nearly half of the users of Soarian Financials. Because EMUE works about four times faster than a human, that equates to about 4,000,000 full time hours and the costs associated with them. That may be one reason why Tana concluded her chat with me by saying, “We love EMUE!”





Written by Mike Burhans, MBA, CRCR - Relationship Manager

Mike Burhans, MBA, CRCR - Relationship Manager

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