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Everything you need to know about the new and improved EMUE Dashboard™ before it releases.

November 24th, 2020

Clients use the EMUE dashboard for managing both data and automated processes in one place. Since launching the dashboard in 2015, the last major update occurred a couple of years ago when Databound added the ability to schedule scripts.

Through the new dashboard version, our goal is to improve the user experience by making relevant data more accessible and to provide more diagnostic data along with a fresh look and feel.

This guide serves as a way to give you insight about what you can expect with the new EMUE Dashboard.

New Dashboard UI Overview


A seamless transition without lifting a finger

Although it will look different, rest assured that the changes only impact the user interface. The underlying data and functions will all work the same as they did before. That way, when you start using the new version, all your existing data - including usernames and passwords - and scheduled tasks and scripts will be readily available.

In other words, the new EMUE dashboard will not disrupt your work.


View systems and scripts in a new way 

After logging into the updated dashboard, users will be automatically be directed to a new page displaying an overview of EMUE's performance. Here you will now be able to get a high-level look at the health of your EMUE systems and processes.

The "Systems View" and "Script View" have been consolidated into a single view. Users can select multiple systems where before you were limited to one.

Users will be able to edit or create a task directly from the script's view.


Official release date coming soon 

Sometime in the next upcoming weeks, the new dashboard will be available for all EMUE users. There is nothing to upgrade, and the current dashboard will available through Q1 of 2021.

Closer to the release date, Databound will officially announce when you can finally touch the new EMUE Dashboard. Stay tuned!


Written by Kelly Blackmon

Kelly Blackmon

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