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March Product Update – Kelly Blackmon

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Maintenance/Core Functionality

  • Direct Variable Assignment (1078)
  • TLS Encryption for emails (1079)
  • Embedded variables inside an IF statement (1079)
  • Error handling not being triggered for file commands (1079)
  • Fix for Out of Memory Exception (1079)
  • Script prompts for save when closing with no changes (1080)
  • Error message in Activity window is being truncated (1080)

Scheduled Items

  • Relative file paths
  • Support for Office 365 OLEDB driver
  • Cancel sleep button

Web Services

  • Added SOAP support
  • Object Definition Builder scheduled for release in 1081
  • Removed encryption menu/Added a hot key

Scheduled Items

  • Bugs related to code completion
  • Hover over variable bug
  • EMUE not able to read returned data
  • Create training APIs


  • Optum website login page (1078)
  • Research download dialog (1080)

Scheduled Items

  • Encounter Location/Encounter Provider Dropdown issues
  • Present Dropdown options for ICC Combo Boxes in Web Script Builder for SetWebDropDown and GetWebDropDownList
  • Finish work needed for Shadow DOM
  • Web Script Builder doesn’t identify textbox on Optum site
  • Encrypted password doesn’t work on Optum site
  • SmartName tab enhancements (Internal)
  • SmartName editor enhancements (Internal)


  • Added Unix/Telnet to code completion for RumbaInterfaceType SetStartUp (1079)
  • Fixed a code completion issue for WaitForScreenGoto

Scheduled Items

  • Bug related to terminal signon process


  • Unable to resolve errors (1078)
  • Fixed calendar layout on the History Tab (1078)
  • Don and team developing deployment process to support SaaS model
  • Beta testers using Dashboard Scheduling early April

Scheduled Items

  • Machine losing connectivity to Dashboard
  • Clicking on Script View does not load Script View

Latest Version

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Written by Mike Burhans, MBA, CRCR - Relationship Manager

Mike Burhans, MBA, CRCR - Relationship Manager

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