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As an end user or analyst who regularly uses Soarian® Financials, you’ve likely experienced the time warp of having to manually dig through transactions to find errors. A simpler way to find them would be a significant time saver, but is it feasible?

At Databound Healthcare Solutions, we understand that automating these processes has become increasingly important within the healthcare industry. For this reason, we’ve developed a FREE Soarian Stream monitor to make it easier for you to spot these errors and take direct action.

EMUE Stream Monitor: How Databound Makes it Easier to Resolve Errors

Stream Monitoring is powered by our EMUE task automation application that can be run as often as necessary to check your Stream interfaces. The monitoring script watches Stream daily and sends you a summary email report including the name of the interfaces with error conditions.

Let’s look at how Stream informs you of additional details about transactions that didn’t go through.


When you receive a 835 Remit, some of the remit postings could fail to make it into Soarian because they aren’t mapped to a valid Soarian payer name.

Here is an example of a count of transaction errors that occurred on an interface.

Interface Error Summary:


18 - 835_SOARF



221 - 3M/Softmed Coding

15 - Wellsoft Discharges





Instead of reporting a summary for the 835-SOARF interface, which tells you there are errors present, you can extract the details for those 18 errors and build a report to send to the appropriate personnel who can work to resolve them.

How It Works

  • You write a script to pull the transaction keys and the error details out of the Stream Transaction Details.
  • You then compile the information and send it to a team to review.
  • If action is necessary, they create a support ticket to have the payer mapped and resend the transactions.

Rather than spend time doing manual work to retrieve this information, EMUE does the work for you. This is a simple and smart way of resolving errors by getting this actionable information pushed to your inbox for review.

Automation tools like EMUE relieve overburdened personnel and makes it easier for healthcare facilities to use Soarian Financials. Learn more about our Stream monitoring tool here and fill out the contact form to get started.

Databound Healthcare Solutions automates and streamlines hospital revenue management tasks and business processes to give our customers more efficient operations and increased revenue. Visit our website to learn more.


Written by Mike Burhans, MBA, CRCR - Relationship Manager

Mike Burhans, MBA, CRCR - Relationship Manager

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