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Free Lunch Challenge with boost!


As many of you know, we recently launched our boost™ insurance discovery and verification tool. Boost is a product that creates substantial increases in patient revenue, reduces A/R days, and reduces staff workloads.

When we decided to take this product from the small niche market we’d been serving for the past decade to the larger market, we knew there were a couple firms doing insurance discovery already. We were aware of TransUnion’s eScan, Experian’s Charge Discovery, and a handful of other discovery products. We took measures to deliver a product that is more effective and affordable than our competitors. We are eager to stand boost up against these products and prove that we can deliver equal or more value with less investment from you, the users.

We enjoy giving people who are considering boost the opportunity to take it for a test drive. We offer a free test where we process information from 5,000 self-pay encounters for missed coverage with one payer. Usually, active coverage is found 2% of the time or more, meaning the hospital gets to bill out tens of thousands of dollars that would likely have ended up in bad-debt. Once the results from the test are back, we use the information from the test to project the value of boost and submit a proposal.

Here’s where the free lunch comes in...

If you participate in a test, we are confident that boost will produce results that are equal or better than any other discovery solutions you’re using and be more affordable. If we are wrong, we will buy lunch for up to ten people in your office.

Participate in a boost test today!


About the Author
Mike Burhans, MBA, CRCR - Relationship Manager Mike Burhans, MBA, CRCR - Relationship Manager

I’m the Relationship Manager with Databound Healthcare Solutions. In my role, I help people identify the technologies they can use to solve complex business issues or rise to new challenges and help them get the most from those solutions. I understand that working in the healthcare revenue cycle is challenging and the cost of failure is high. As such, I enjoy providing tools and guidance that makes success easier to achieve. Over the past three years, I’ve helped a handful of facilities implement insurance discovery and watched their reimbursement revenue grow by over $25,000,000 as a result.