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Databound is excited to have been invited to present at the National Council of Urban Health (NCUIH) Leadership Conference in San Diego, California May 12-13, where we will host a discussion on Increasing Revenue for Native Indian and Alaska Native healthcare facilities.

In recent months, we have attended several conferences and met a lot of people in the American Indian and Alaska Native community. Most of the time, the people we meet tell use the same thing – they face a difficult challenge making their limited healthcare budget stretch to provide quality services for the community.

Several years ago, we developed our reCover private payer recovery search product because we heard about these same challenges while working with several Alaska Native hospitals. As a pilot project, Databound helped these facilities search for additional funds and we identified more than $30 million in insurance claims that these hospitals didn’t realize they could file.

Through this experience, we learned that American Indian and Alaska Native hospitals, clinics, and facilities throughout the country might benefit from our service. Providers are losing revenue on as many as 5% of their encounters because they don’t have insurance information for a large number of American Indian and Alaska Native patients even though 47% have private insurance. By searching and finding this insurance coverage with reCover, health care facilities can increase their budgets and improve quality of care.

“If your community could benefit from a larger healthcare budget, we would love to talk to you about how we can become a valuable part of your third-party revenue building strategy. We look forward to meeting you at the NCUIH Leadership Conference. Alternatively, you can call us at (877) 327-3683 to learn more.


Written by Mike Burhans, MBA, CRCR - Relationship Manager

Mike Burhans, MBA, CRCR - Relationship Manager

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