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Do Soarian Stream Errors Keep You Up At Night?

There are many transactions and interfaces for getting data in and out of Soarian® Financials. Sometimes these errors need your attention, which means you have to spend time retrieving that information on a recurring basis.

Currently, there are no model reports that show you transaction errors in Stream. Unfortunately for users and analysts, the manual process to check these interfaces takes up time that you don’t have.

Luckily, Databound Healthcare Solutions is here to help ease the burden of wading through a bunch of irrelevant information. In response to this problem, we’ve developed a FREE Soarian Stream monitor that automates these processes for you.

Introducing: Stream Monitoring Process

At Databound, our end goal is helping hospital employees save time and energy so that they can focus on what needs immediate attention. For this reason, we are offering a free monitor powered by our EMUE task automation tool that can be run as often as necessary to check your Stream interfaces.

How It Works

Once we set up the Stream Monitoring Tool on your system with access to Soarian and email, EMUE’s monitoring script watches Stream daily and sends a summary email report including the name of the interfaces with error conditions so you can take direct action.

In short, our monitor does the work for you.

Notifications will appear automatically when there are errors to address and you can spend your time doing more productive tasks. Databound customers typically use EMUE, the engine behind the Stream Monitor, to automate any of 110 common automation use cases.

Save Time & Boost Efficiency

Last year, we helped healthcare organizations automate 1 million hours of human work for our clients. For example, the Moffitt Cancer Center in Florida uses EMUE to streamline operations that can be time consuming and tedious. This technology saves hospitals time and valuable resources that result from overburdened staff. In fact, Jackie Jolly, Lead Systems Analyst at Moffitt said “EMUE has become an integral part of our business.”

Get Started

Try it out! By automating interfaces, you can eliminate mundane tasks and alleviate personnel to focus on more complex responsibilities. Learn more about our Stream monitoring tool here and fill out the contact form to get started.


Databound Healthcare Solutions automates and streamlines hospital revenue management tasks and business processes to give our customers more efficient operations and increased revenue. Visit our website to learn more.


About the Author
Mike Burhans, MBA, CRCR - Relationship Manager Mike Burhans, MBA, CRCR - Relationship Manager

I’m the Relationship Manager with Databound Healthcare Solutions. In my role, I help people identify the technologies they can use to solve complex business issues or rise to new challenges and help them get the most from those solutions. I understand that working in the healthcare revenue cycle is challenging and the cost of failure is high. As such, I enjoy providing tools and guidance that makes success easier to achieve. Over the past three years, I’ve helped a handful of facilities implement insurance discovery and watched their reimbursement revenue grow by over $25,000,000 as a result.