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A Message from the President - 2019 company results, product updates and plans for 2020. 

February 17, 2020

In my 2019 review, I told you that “last year was good, and wait to see what we do this year.” I am proud to report that still rings true for us at Databound! We accomplished what we set out to do (and then some!) and are primed to provide our client community with even more value in 2020.

As always, our measure of success comes from our ability to help our clients be successful, such as:

  • Helping our clients achieve more work by EMUE crossing the threshold of over 1.5 million hours automated in 2019!
  • Providing 150 hours of focused, individual training to empower client use of EMUE.
  • Delivering over 1000% ROI for our first clients using BOOST, our insurance discovery and verification tool.
  • Receiving an incredible Net Promoter Score of +86 (on a scale of -100 to +100) from our clients rating their likelihood of recommending Databound to others!
  • Supporting our local HFMA chapters by sharing insights on robotic process automation, insurance coverage discovery, and claims management for revenue cycle success.

Through a combination of partnerships with Cerner Corporation, validation partners, and key clients, we've also enriched EMUE's powerful and robust automation capabilities within FHIR, and REST web services, Cerner Soarian®, and coming soon, Millennium®.

We’re excited to announce that we are on track in delivering EMUE for Cerner Millennium in early 2020! EMUE for Millennium is now in a production-ready state with clients already automating production use cases. Working closely with Cerner's team over the past year has also allowed us to explore more opportunities for EMUE. EMUE for Millennium now includes a new subsystem that has opened the future of EMUE automating Windows applications and other non-web-based platforms.

Our objective this year is to bring this new value to our existing clients and organizations in search of a solution to automate Millennium.

And of course, we will do all this while maintaining our high level of customer service and client satisfaction, building deeper relationships with our clients, and continuing to expand our services ensuring they get the most return from their investment.

On behalf of the Databound Team, I would like to thank our clients and partners for contributing to our success. We look forward to continuing our work together and accomplishing some amazing things in 2020!


Written by Paul Martin - President and CEO

Paul Martin - President and CEO

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