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2019: A Message from the President

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2018 was a good year, but wait until you see what we do for you in 2019. 

January 7, 2019

The start of a new year is always a great time to reflect on our progress, and also to look ahead. We are grateful for the trust our clients have placed in us and the mutual success that we have created. As a result of our collaboration in 2018, Databound Healthcare Solutions has a lot to celebrate, some lessons learned, and is poised for some exciting breakthroughs in 2019.

Our primary measure of success is always based on our impact on our clients’ success, so we have a lot to celebrate for 2018, including…

  • Crossing the threshold of over 1,000,000 hours of human effort automated per year!
  • Reducing client effort in creating scripts and maintaining them with our new Soarian SmartUI in EMUE.
    Improving script reliability and simplifying management with our new EMUE Dashboard Scheduling
  • Providing increased strategic value with our client Revenue Cycle Review.
  • Becoming more responsive to our clients’ needs by speeding up our EMUE team development pace from 14 sprints in 2017 to 18 sprints in 2018.
  • Helping our clients get the most value from EMUE by offering 8 product focused webcasts.
  • Empowering client use of EMUE by providing over 150 hours of focused, individual training for our clients.
  • Driving more results for our clients through over 2000 hours of consulting and script writing services.
  • Gaining market-share with almost 60% of all Soarian Financials clients using EMUE.
  • Consistently supporting our clients with 80% of cases resolved in one day, and almost 90% of cases resolved within 2 days.

In addition to these visible successes, we also have laid some important foundations that will provide future value for us and our clients for years to come, including…

  • An improved partnership with Cerner which has enabled us to develop SmartUI and to deliver web services and will help us stay up to date with future Soarian enhancements.
  • A deeper relationship with several clients, including permanent VPN connections with Cerner Validation Partners, which has improved both our release quality and our responsiveness.
  • A cloud-based infrastructure to scale our new ClaimScout and Boost products, allowing us to provide more value to our clients.

2018 has also served as a learning opportunity for us. The healthcare revenue cycle software industry is gaining steam. The space is not only seeing a lot of M&A activity, but also a lot of investment, which is not only increasing competition but also increasing the velocity of innovation. We need to up our game, by focusing on what matters most to our clients and building relationships with clients, vendors, and other software development partners to deliver the best value that our clients deserve.

Looking ahead to 2019, we have some exciting plans – here is our roadmap…

In Q1, we are looking forward to creating a ton of value for our clients by helping them leverage the recently released Soarian Financials web services. We have worked closely with Cerner on this project and are proud to be spearheading this effort that will dramatically improve scripting efficiency and reliability.

We also have a lot of work to fully scale Boost and ClaimScout and to extend the powerful cloud-based automation framework that we have built. We will focus on delivering even more value by managing user workflow, automating more client-side activity, and providing analytics that will drive better decision making. You can look for some exciting new releases of functionality in Q2 and Q3 of this year.

Last, but not least, 2019 is the year that we will extend EMUE with a new connector to support Cerner Millennium. This has been our most-requested EMUE “feature” and will enable us to provide significant value to the entire Cerner patient accounting family. We have made considerable headway in getting the connectivity we need to begin development, so our focus will be delivering this with production functionality for our pilot clients mid-year and a ready-for-release product by Q4.

And of course, we will do all of this while maintaining our high level of customer service and client satisfaction, building deeper relationships with our clients, and continuing to expand our script writing and consulting services that help our clients make the most of EMUE.

On behalf of the Databound Team, I would like to thank our clients for collaborating in our success and for continuing to work together to accomplish some amazing things in 2019!

Written by Paul Martin - President and CEO

Paul Martin - President and CEO

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