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5 Ways To Provide Proactive Customer Service in Healthcare

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According to 2016 patient experience research conducted by Deloitte, creating a better patient experience at hospitals leads to a wide variety of positive outcomes—from a stronger financial performance to better utilization of hospital services. It is clearly advantageous to provide excellent customer service in healthcare.

5 Ways to Provide Quality Customer Service in Healthcare

1) Serve your patients (clients) first. This comes as no surprise. To create a positive patient experience, hospital staff must embody a patient-first mentality. In fact, “A highly engaged staff likely boosts patient experience, translating into better performance.”

2) Focus on effective communication. Patients value the interpersonal and relational aspects of the patient experience. And positive relationships are the result of effective communication, compassion, dignity and respect. Research indicates that good communication skills are critical to achieving better patient outcomes.

3) Create clear customer service guidelines. It’s one thing to envision quality customer service, it’s another to enact it. According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, to achieve high levels of member satisfaction, facilities must create standards for customer service. “Service standards that clearly tell your staff what is expected of them in their interactions with members and patients.”

4) Listen actively. Listening is an integral part of providing superior patient care. Active listening can lead to better patient care. It can help improve your diagnoses, help you understand the psychosocial issues of your patients, and it may help you avoid lawsuits. As you seek to provide quality customer service and patient care, solicit feedback from hospital staff and patients, alike.

5) Ensure accurate and timely information. Illegible notes and manual record entry leads to costly healthcare mistakes. By automating administrative tasks, you can ensure accurate and timely patient financial records. Technology like Databound Healthcare Solutions’ EMUE, can mitigate errors—enhancing customer service and the patient experience.

Providing good customer service is a simple way to deliver better healthcare. With Databound Healthcare Solutions, your healthcare facility can minimize time-consuming administrative work and enhance patient care. By automating administrative tasks, we help healthcare profession focus on the patient experience.

Databound Healthcare Solutions automates and streamlines hospital revenue management tasks and business processes to give our customers more efficient operations and increased revenue. Visit our website to learn more.


Written by Mike Burhans, MBA, CRCR - Relationship Manager

Mike Burhans, MBA, CRCR - Relationship Manager

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