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5 Ways EMUE for Millennium Automates Your Healthcare Revenue Cycle

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Here are the top 5 use cases for revenue cycle automation that exemplify how our clients use EMUE to optimize productivity in Millennium. 

April 27, 2020

Working within a complex EHR system - like Cerner Soarian or Millennium - requires a significant amount of manual effort in order for staff to complete the revenue cycle, including:
  • gathering patient demographics and insurance information,
  • coding and generating claims for services provided,
  • billing medical claims to responsible payers,
  • managing the life cycle of each billed claim.

Technology and healthcare are always evolving; there is continuous development on things like client requests, user experience and regulatory requirements. Not everything can be addressed at once, and this leads to gaps in the revenue cycle process. These gaps result in operational inefficiencies which can require additional manual intervention by staff.

By using robotic process automation (RPA), facilities can streamline revenue cycle workflows across various platforms, while reducing the amount of repetitive, rules-based tasks handled by staff. Ultimately, RPA for healthcare frees staff from the limitations of their clinical and financial systems and reduces the burden on IT resources. 

Helping clients leverage RPA technology through EMUE uncovered over 100 use cases for automating Soarian and Millennium which span the entire revenue cycle. In other words, there are over 100 inefficiencies that can be resolved or prevented with EMUE automation, saving you and your staff valuable time.

Now with the release of EMUE for Millennium, we are continuing to discover more and more ways to automate different areas of the revenue cycle. Below you will find Databound's top 5 use cases. These exemplify how our clients use EMUE to optimize productivity in Millennium. 

1. Create Recurring Encounters

Patients with recurring encounters who haven’t been discharged need to be re-registered at the end of each month. Millennium can automatically discharge patients, but it doesn’t have a way to automatically register patients who need to be carried over to the next month. It takes a manual process to re-register.

EMUE can consume a report with all the required information and complete the registrations so that the encounters are ready for the next month. 

2. Resolve Work Items

Encounters with millions of dollars in late charges can be in the late charge queue, but the encounters actually have a zero balance. These zero balance encounters do not need follow up. Work queues become unmanageable if your staff doesn’t know what work needs to be done.

EMUE applies an action code and clears zero balance encounters from the queue to reflect the encounters that require action.

3. Update Demographic, Insurance, and Prior Authorization

Data from third-party services needs to be updated in Millennium. There are no interfaces to Millennium that allow data to flow from those third parties back to the correct accounts.

EMUE consumes the third-party data and makes the necessary updates in Millennium so your staff is not burdened with transactional tasks.

4. Charge Modification

The charge entry interface does not accept charge update information. All charge updates must be done manually by a user, and large volumes significantly increase the workload. 

EMUE receives HL7 messages from a third party (3M in this case). The messages include new charges, credits to existing charges and modifying existing charges. EMUE makes the updates to the charge information in Millennium. 

5. Complete Benefit Order and Change Claim Status 

The pending claim edit work queue can become inflated with duplicate claims due to internal processes and interactions with a claim scrubber. The work queue can become unmanageable because users aren’t able to see what truly needs to be worked.

EMUE completes the benefit order and changes the claim status so the work queue is accurate.

Most of the hospitals we work with automate 10-20 revenue cycle processes, depending on their unique needs. Our top 5 use cases are a sample of what your organization can automate with EMUE for Millennium. The possibilities are endless.

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Download our EMUE for Millennium Use Cases to read further on some of the initial use cases explaining how our clients are automating with EMUE.

Written by Kelly Blackmon - EMUE Product Manager

Kelly Blackmon - EMUE Product Manager

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