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3 Ways Automation Can Help Your Overburdened Hospital IT Team

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Many IT teams struggle with limited resources and staff. Does that sound familiar? You don’t always have the option or budget to hire additional staff so you prioritize the most important tasks but you would like to help your users more. Are there practical automation tools that could help?

According to recent data collected by Accenture, “48 percent of healthcare executives report extensive use of automation for IT tasks.” This article will discuss the power of workflow automation software and how it can help your overburdened hospital IT team.

How Automation Can Relieve Overburdened Hospital IT Teams

Many IT teams struggle to get everything done with limited resources and personnel. To optimize a hospital’s workflow, teams must leverage technology—with a specific focus on automation. The end goal of workflow automation is to maximize a healthcare facility’s revenue cycle and ensure claims are paid quickly. Here are three specific ways IT teams can benefit from workflow automation technology:

(1) Optimize Productivity. When manual work is automated, talented IT personnel can focus their attention on more critical tasks and projects. Products like EMUE can help IT teams create scripts and transform manual tasks into automated and reliable processes. For example, Catholic Health in Buffalo, NY uses EMUE to manage physician privileges, comments, rebilling, and self-pay balances.

(2) Eliminate Human Error. IT operations include mundane and repetitive—yet entirely necessary—responsibilities. Consider account creation. If the initial information is entered incorrectly, minor errors can create major problems later in the cycle. By eliminating human error associated with the revenue cycle workflow, healthcare facilities can minimize costly mistakes.

(3) Reduce Costs. Since automation can optimize staff productivity and eliminate costly human errors, it can consequently save IT teams money. In fact, in collaboration with our Databound team, Gina Wilson of System Strategies, used EMUE to verify 16,000 eligibility requests per month to accomplish the work of four FTEs.

Your IT team does not need to struggle any longer. Workflow automation exists to alleviate overburdened IT staff and optimize hospital workflows. Imagine what your team could accomplish by leveraging powerful, intelligent automation.

Databound Healthcare Solutions automates and streamlines hospital revenue management tasks and business processes to give our customers more efficient operations and increased revenue. Visit our website to learn more.


Written by Mike Burhans, MBA, CRCR - Relationship Manager

Mike Burhans, MBA, CRCR - Relationship Manager

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