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The Emergence of RPA Amidst COVID-19: How Automation Can Save the Day

January 11th, 2021


Cutting Through Marketing Hype for An Informed Decision

Everything you need to know about Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning,...

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Setting a high bar in RPA - KLAS Spotlight Report

As Healthcare Organizations continue looking to robotic process automation...

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New and Improved UI Dashboard for EMUE

Everything you need to know about the new and improved EMUE Dashboard™ before...

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Planning a Revenue Cycle Initiative? How to Set the Stage for Success

The revenue cycle initiative that turned into a long-term revenue generator...

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What Changing Payer Mix Means for Hospitals and Medical Facilities

An uptick in unemployment and Medicaid will cause a decrease in...

COVID-19 | Insurance Discovery | Medicaid Monitoring |

Why Struggling Hospitals Need Insurance Discovery for Financial Stability

How revenue cycle managers can overcome the challenges of changing eligibility...

RPA | COVID-19 |

Using Robotic Process Automation for COVID-19 Revenue Cycle Challenges

Databound clients are using automation to cope with the changing needs in the...

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5 Ways EMUE for Millennium Automates Your Healthcare Revenue Cycle

Here are the top 5 use cases for revenue cycle automation that exemplify how...

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Introducing EMUE for Millennium

Databound launches the first robotic process automation (RPA) platform designed...

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Databound News: 2019 Reflection

A Message from the President - 2019 company results, product updates and plans...

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Solutions Supporting a Proactive Revenue Cycle

Increase revenue and operating margins through a proactive approach enhancing...

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Progress Update on Integrating EMUE into Millennium 

We are excited to announce that we are making significant strides towards...

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Help Your Front-End Staff go from Managing to Preventing Denials

Insurance Denials plague healthcare practices so here are the common reasons...

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10 Tips for Embracing Change at Your Organization

Change Management Tips for Leaders on How to Encourage and Equip Your Teams for...


RPA: Your Path to Identifying and Prioritizing Automation Projects

The Robotic Process Automation (RPA) road map process we use to help clients...


Making the Case for RPA Technology in Healthcare

The healthcare industry is experiencing a major shift as RPA becomes a standard...

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Panel Discusses Current Trends in Healthcare

Key Takeaways from the HFMA Region 2: Hudson Valley Chapter Event March 5, 2019