Databound’s Inaugural “EMUE Hero” Award Winner – JT Mather Memorial Hospital

25 Apr


Congratulations to Databound’s inaugural “EMUE Hero” award winner, John

T. Mather Memorial Hospital. Members of the Revenue Cycle Management

group at Mather received the award because their willingness to share their

formulas for success with other facilities and with Cerner, and also because

their own use of EMUE saves an estimated 10,000 FTE hours per year. Mather

has embraced the use of EMUE to automate their processes and consistently

shows measurable results that saves their hospital time and money.


In addition to Mather’s Revenue Cycle Management group recognition,

individual EMUE Hero award winners are Andrew Ribeiro, Liz Pistone, and

Steven Przybylinski.


Hundreds of hospitals depend on EMUE to significantly improve their

interoperability, streamline work with shorter scripts, automate data entry,

and improve initial payment of claims with new verification tools.


If you want to learn how to maximize your use of EMUE, contact Databound’s

team of experts at or (877) 327-3683.



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